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DOQEX and Evolve Services have entered into an agreement following which Evolve will spearhead the European growth of DOQEX, the secure e-mail and file sharing platform. Evolve will act as local representation and build a reseller channel, starting in the Benelux region.

Sander van den Nieuwenhuijzen (Evolve Services) and Nick Case (DOQEX).


DOQEX Secure file and e-mail correspondence

DOQEX offers a secure file sharing and e-mail platform that is easy to use, flexible and reliable at an affordable price. DOQEX enables any organization or individual to transfer electronic data securely. The solution is ideal for legal contracts, financial records, medical records, tax records, payroll, product designs, research results, source code, license keys, passwords, photographs; in other words; any electronic asset that holds value for you or your organization.

Compared to alternative solutions such as Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, Microsoft OneDrive or Citrix FileShare, DOQEX can be hosted in, or delivered from, an own secure cloud environment thus offering full manageability and controllability.

The platform is one of the first to be fully compliant with GDPR, the new EU privacy ruling that is installed to protect organisations and individuals. DOQEX employs a unique methodology to ensure your data is handled, delivered and destroyed securely, with full integrity and full audit trail of every action. This, combined with local hosting and the option to deliver the solution as a managed service, ensures full compatibility with today’s needs of IT departments.

Sander van den Nieuwenhuijzen, Managing Partner of Evolve Services about DOQEX:

Having worked with security vendors and IT integrators, we understand how complex securing data and communication can be. We see a huge potential for the DOQEX platform, as the solution complies with what is requested by IT managers these days; simplicity, manageability and reliability. Alternative solutions do not offer such comprehensive branding and management flexibility. This makes them difficult for both users and organisations to trust, especially when operating outside of your own IT environment.


DOQEX and Evolve are already scoping a project to help hundreds of schools in Holland to securely communicate with parents and to collaborate with external partners, this immediate interest tells us the DOQEX platform has potential to become the standard in secure file and e-mail transfers. We are looking forward to help organisations all over Europe and introduce this new way of secure communication.

The partnership between DOQEX and Evolve Services has been made possible through EEN, Enterprise Europe Network, an organization that supports business to, and within, the European Union. We would like to thank Mr. Herman Hartgers of the Netherland Chamber of Commerce, partner of Enterprise Europe Network for his support and assistance in creating this match.

European ambitions for DOQEX

Nick Case, Director of DOQEX, has chosen Evolve Services to create a beachhead on the European mainland. The UK based security vendor is currently very successful in the UK market and sees great potential in the Benelux market to expand their territory.

I am delighted to engage with Evolve Services so they can help us with the important task of bringing the benefits of the DOQEX data and email security product to organisations in the Benelux countries. Evolve’s expertise will be crucial to us as we build our channel of trusted partners.  I feel fortunate to have identified such a professional and knowledgeable team and look forward to building upon the early success and extraordinary relationships we have already created.  Together we will help Benelux companies collaborate whilst working safely and productively.



When thinking about security, you can’t ignore the weakest element – users! DOQEX has over 20 years of professional security testing experience, so we understand the failings of users and the social engineering techniques used against us. The unique methodology of DOQEX® is designed to protect users from common mistakes.

DOQEX was founded in 2013. Operating from York they are active in segments such as government, healthcare, legal and finance. Amongst the users are notable organisations such as The City of York, Sky, Tour de France and Barclays.

About Evolve Services

Evolve Services is founded in 2014 as a multi-disciplinary business development agency focused on IT solutions, and works directly for vendors in this space, covering the European market. The company has an extensive network of channel partners (resellers and distributors) which is used, along with the competences of the core team and a selection of external specialists.

More precisely Evolve Services offers any combination of the following disciplines, on strategical as well as operational level: Marketing and PR, pre-sales and sales, channel and business development and local facilities.

Engaging with Evolve Services gives organisations a flexible and cost-efficient way to start your growth in Europe. Evolve Services acts as a quick enablement team that gives you a head start at competitive pricing. All services are offered following a shared risk/shared benefit formula that guarantees sustainable growth and quick result


If you would like to learn more about DOQEX or our partnership feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide you with any additional information on the solution, reselling or sales opportunities.