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Evolve Services, a multi-disciplinary business development agency focused on IT solutions, and DemTech International, a marketing and sales company specialized in assisting high-tech companies, today announced a strategic partnership to broaden their reach and expertise. Effective immediately Evolve Services and DemTech will offer their services to new and existing customers.

DemTech and Evolve Services sign strategic partnership

DemTech and Evolve Services sign strategic partnership


Goal of the partnership

The partnership is setup to expand the scope of both organizations, and brings new growth paths to their clientele by offering a quicker go-to-market for their products and an increase in the number of countries that can be targeted. DemTech has the strongest network in the Mediterranean market (Spain, Portugal, Italy and other South European countries) and brings an extensive knowledge of the business culture and success criteria in this region. Evolve Services focusses on the Northern European market (Benelux, United Kingdom, DACH region and Scandinavia) and acts as a northern gateway to Europe with the heart of their operations in the Netherlands.

Synergy and added value

Besides specific knowledge of these regions, and a broad local network, both organizations differ in their competences. DemTech adds innovation and investment knowledge to the partnership where Evolve Services brings more marketing, PR and channel expertise to the table. Their understanding of different verticals also opens a new window of opportunities. Evolve is mainly active in the IT space, with a strong focus on connectivity and security, whereas DemTech caters customers active in segments such as finance, consumer electronics, media and health.

We expect an unique synergy from this partnership. By extending our coverage in Europe and conduct shared projects with Evolve Services. We will serve our customers better and closer to the markets in Northern Europe. Next to this we will also support Evolve Services to expend their reach in the Mediterranean market,” says Mario Cohen, Founder of Demtech International.

With one single point of contact both organizations can double the growth rate for their customers through this new partnership. The offering of new disciplines and competences also lowers costs and brings a better ROI for (potential) customers. Access to new capital, a better understanding of local needs and a bigger market are some of the most interesting benefits for vendors that are looking to expand their reach to grow their business.

We are looking forward to partner with DemTech. DemTech has a well-established name in the Mediterranean region and proved to be successful in a lot of different verticals. This collaboration is our strategic answer for further growth in the European region,” says, Niels Aarts, Managing Partner at Evolve Services.

We believe in local execution of business development, which brings success to our customers. Local knowhow, understanding of cultural differences anda broad network of channel partners are key to be successful. Therefore, it is logical that we practice what we preach by adding specific knowledge and an entry to the Southern European region. We are excited to bring new possibilities forward to new and existing customers.

About Evolve Services

Evolve Services is founded in 2014 as a multi-disciplinary business development agency focused on IT solutions, and works directly for vendors in this space, covering the European market. The company has an extensive network of channel partners (resellers and distributors) which is used, along with the competences of the core team and a selection of external specialists.

More precisely Evolve Services offers any combination of the following disciplines, on strategical as well as operational level: Marketing and PR, pre-sales and sales, channel and business development and local facilities.

Engaging with Evolve Services gives organizations a flexible and cost-efficient way to start your growth in Europe. Evolve Services acts as a quick enablement team that gives you a head start at competitive pricing. All services are offered following a shared risk/shared benefit formula that guarantees sustainable growth and quick results.

For more information, visit or follow us on twitter via @evolve_services

About DemTech

DemTech is a business development, marketing and sales company specialized in assisting high-tech companies to expand their operations to European and South American markets. Since 2000, DemTech International acted as an open innovation partner for companies, enterprises and venture capitalists by turning clients’ expansion plans into a reality.

The aim of the company is to create an immediate and effective presence in multiple geographic regions, by offering the right strategy, the relevant channels and a profitable and pro-active local sales force acting on behalf of clients.

For more information, visit or follow us on twitter via @demtechint



We are all very enthusiastic about this new partnership and have a strong believe in its success. Our joined offering is available as of today, so if you would like to learn more about the possibilities for your organization feel free to contact us.